Our initial immigration consultation is the best way to start planning your life in Canada. Our Canadian Regulated Immigration Consultants will carefully evaluate your candidate profile and recommend you the best actions to take.

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Our immigration consultants are regulated and authorized by the Immigration Consultant of Canada Regulatory Council ICCRC.

To verify the valid status of our immigration consultants visit the College of Immigration Consultants, and search by their names or last names: >>

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Fernanda Isquierdo

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

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Angel Fernando Sanchez Solis

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

An immigration consultation can make the difference in your journey to study, work or live in Canada.

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What is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant?

Due to the Canadian Immigration Regulations, only authorized professionals can provide an immigration advice and carry out immigration applications on behalf of a client. Immigration consultants in Canada are strictly regulated by CICC for quality assurance.

An Immigration Consultant is an authorized professional who can charge a fee for representing you or providing an advice on Canadian immigration  matters. 


What is CICC?

It is the regulatory body that regulates immigration and citizenship consultants and international student advisors. 


Why is it so important to get the advice or hire a regulated immigration consultant?

All immigration processes and applications are determined by the Canadian immigration laws and regulations. An immigration consultant is a professional who has full knowledge of the laws, regulations, procedures and immigrations streams to recommend you the best option based on your profile.  


Why is it recommended to book an initial consultation?

The best immigration advice is based on each candidate’s profile (profile is based on various factors including educational background, work experience, background history, family members, English proficiency, financial resources, and personal goals). Immigration laws and procedures apply different to every candidate. Every person is unique and has unique factors that will determined the course of action of an immigration process. Therefore, our evaluation and advice is based on your own profile. 

If you already know what immigration stream you may qualify, before hiring us we recommend to book a consultation to make sure you meet the eligibility criteria for the desired process.